Helpful Android apps for people with dyslexia

23 Jul

There are several Android apps that are very helpful for people with dyslexia. I will blog more about this later, but I will here give a short introduction to apps that I find useful in my everyday life.

The text-to-speech voice that I am currently using is developed by IVONA, at the moment these voices can be downloaded for free at Google play (her). I use the e-book reader Moon+ Reader Pro for reading E books out loud. Moon+ reader supports the most common e-book file formats; I’m mostly using epub books. I have in an earlier post shown how to convert books from Bookshare into this format. Another app that I find very helpful is File Converter, this app make it possible to download a web page and make it into a epub book that could be read out loud with moon+ reader. The reason why I used is cumbersome method to read web pages, is that I haven’t found any apps that are able to do this in a satisfactory way.

The last app that I will mention in this post is ezPDF Reader, this app is a good PDF reader that also enables text-to-speech.

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Posted by on July 23, 2012 in Android, App, Bookshare, English (Engelsk)


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